About us

At Cook Masonry we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovative techniques of conservative stone repair.

We specialise in conserving and restoring all types of stone buildings and structures. As a result of the levels of craftsmanship and experience within the workforce, we excel at high end and complex projects often on listed (grade 1,2*,2) historic buildings. It is common place for us to be asked to sub-contract for work that other companies consider to be beyond them. We are happy to act as both principal and sub contractors as appropriate.

The company operates throughout Yorkshire, but also undertakes work in North Lancashire and Cumbria (South Lakes).

Cook masonry was founded by Director Matthew Cook. Matthew decided to incorporate the company as a result of his belief that he could improve upon the accepted levels of workmanship within the industry.

Cook masonry is committed to ensuring the long term success of all historic buildings as well as their subsequent repairs and alterations. Wherever possible, we try to promote our values of the building's sustainability, the use of traditional materials and techniques, reversibility, reasonable legibility of new work, minimal loss of historic fabric and minimal intervention. We feel that this sets Cook Masonry apart from the majority of new build focused masonry companies, only interested in short term profits.

The founder

Matthew served his apprenticeship as a stone mason and stone carver at York Minster cathedral. His most notable works took place on the Minster's East Front Project but he has also worked on a number of other areas in and around the Minster and precinct. During his apprenticeship at York Minster, Matthew did work placements at Canterbury, Lincoln and Gloucester Cathedrals as well as doing work for a number of local quarries.

Matthew gained formal vocational qualifications in Masonry and Heritage skills from York College, a foundation degree In Cathedral stone masonry from Gloucester University and NVQ level 6 qualification in conservation construction site management (bachelors degree equivalent).

Matthew has subsequently gone on to work on a number of other prestigious buildings both domestically and abroad. Matthew was recruited to work on the rehabilitation of the Canadian Houses of Parliament.

Over the course of his career, Matthew has met a number of the royal family over a series of separate occasions.

Whilst running Cook Masonry, Matthew is currently studying part time for an MSc in Building Conservation.

Matthew's continuous professional development is one of the key factors that ensures Cook Masonry remains at the cutting edge of conservation technology. This in turn facilitates the best possible solutions being proposed and implemented for our clients.