Although the majority of our work has taken place on Churches, Cathedrals and large public buildings, we also like to offer services to members of the pubic whenever we have the opportunity and availability to do so. 

Despite the advances in modern technology, with the proper care and maintenance, most traditionally built and historic buildings should far outlive their modern counterparts. The workmanship and quality of materials used in the construction of pre-1914 homes can often far exceed what is chosen for use or is ordinarily available today.

Owners of pre-1914 homes need to be particularly careful when employing tradespeople to work on their historic buildings. The introduction of modern techniques or materials to a traditional building can often create or exacerbate problems such as damp, cracking, structural problems, the accelerated decay of bricks and stone, as well as a range of other possible issues. We would generally advise against practices such as cement pointing historic masonry buildings. Unfortunately however, the use of cement pointing on historic buildings is still considered to be  standard practice by most general building firms within the UK.  

Aside from the technical difficulties with the use for modern materials in pre-1914 or traditionally constructed buildings, the aesthetic of any modern materials will simply not match the traditional fabric that is already present. At Cook Masonry, we can ensure that any modern work is the best possible match to the original by correctly replicating the historic techniques and materials that were traditionally used.  At Cook Masonry we have a wealth of experience working on historic homes.  Although the majority of the work that we do takes place on listed buildings, we are equally happy to work with the owners of traditionally constructed unlisted or modern buildings where the owner is looking for someone who can offer the best possible long term repair solution for their property. 

We can address all manner and type of work, repairing everything from a brick built chimney stack to fine stone carvings.

Although we pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of workmanship and materials available, our clients often seem to be surprised by the relative affordability of our services. This factor is further enhanced by considering the reduced long term maintenance costs that well specified and executed traditional building repairs can make.

We usually offer a free advice service to historic homeowners who are unsure how/if to proceed with any concerns. This can include advice about possible options for the repairs, as well as the likely expectations and requirements for obtaining listed building consent. If you would be interested in speaking with consultant Matthew Cook for any advice or quotations regarding your historic building, Matthew would be delighted to speak to you directly. Please see contact us.