Cook masonry is able to provide a full range of products and services relating to the conservation, repair and restoration of historic stone buildings and structures.  Examples of some of the services we provide can be seen below:

Setting Out/Recording Stonework

Cook Masonry has the expertise to accurately measure and record the original dimensions of  historic stone details.  The casting of stonework is also available.

Stone Supply   

When it becomes necessary to replace historic masonry that has decayed beyond repair, Cook Masonry supply all types of new stones.

Stone Fixing/Building

Cook Masonry is able to replace decayed or unwanted stonework with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. Indents (partial replacements) are also available.

Lime Pointing

Here at Cook Masonry we are experts in the specification, supply and application of lime mortars for the re-pointing of historic masonry structures.

 Lime Mortar Repairs

Whether you are interested in bespoke lime mortar repairs or the use of a proprietary mix, Cook Masonry has a wealth of experience in all aspects of stone mortar/plastic repairs.

Consolidation, Pinning, Lime Wash and Sheltercoats

Cook Masonry has knowledge and experience in all modern and traditional techniques of conservative stone repair.

Stone Cleaning

Conservative stone cleaning including the Doff, Joff Torc and Rotec systems, poultices, peel away and a wealth of other services can all be provided by Cook Masonry.


If you are experiencing a problem with your historic stone building or you feel that you could benefit from the advice of someone who is a specialist in the repair and conservation of heritage stone buildings, why not get in touch?